Although some of the IT organizations which have started from basic agile methodologies like SCRUM long back OR teams with matured individuals/scrum practitioners have been able to embrace the Agile mindset/values/principles, successfully implement and are able to scale or adapt to hybrid models extending scrum with benefits of other agile frameworks and practices like SAFe, XP, Kanban etc tailored as per their needs or situation. But there are still a huge number of organizations with not so matured team members/scrum practitioners or new to Agile and lands up in to experimenting or following the new agile framework/methodology without having developed an Agile Mindset. Most of them generally result in chaos or failures. Guided Agile A Guide shepherding Enterprises adapting and transforming to Agile, is a set of guidelines, experiences and learning, intended to help/guide the organizations to adapt/transform to Agile and enables them to think of building or tailoring agile methodologies/framework that suits their needs or is the best fit !! Even after investing huge amount of effort and time implementing Agile methodologies and framework, there is an increasing number of project failures and organizations are not able get the desired/expected results.

Guided Agile is intended to be guide, to provide guidance to the enterprises/practitioners on their journey to agile transformation/adaption.


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